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Organic Container Vegetable Gardening

Having limited space or the need to control where you organic vegetable garden will go then organic container vegetable gardening will be perfect for you. This way everything can be completely controlled and having one one wheels is an added bonus by giving you the opportunity to put your garden outside if you like.

Organic container vegetable gardening also allows you to almost eliminate weeds. Almost because this is dependent on where the soil comes from. So organic potting soil is highly recommended since weeds can be a nightmare. The last thing anyone wants is to have weeds taking over an organic garden, so in the beginning stages it is necessary to start your garden off right so you will have healthy produce. Something else you will not have a problem with is bugs. They can also destroy an organic garden. To be on the safe side you can keep some spray on hand called Neem which is from neem fruit – insects do not like it and will stay away from. Just keep pets away until the spray dries.

These containers come in in a number of shapes styles and colors, with one of the most popular being the Earth Box Garden Kit. This garden box comes in two colors green and Terra Cotta. It is easy to set and it has wheels so it can go just about anywhere. You will be surprised how much can be grown using organic container for vegetable gardening. Also by having control over your garden, it will require less watering as well while also being impossible to over water since there is a reservoir with an overflow hole. There are also many accessories available.

With organic container vegetable gardening you can grow organic fruit as well so having two, one for fruit and the other for vegetables may be the way to grow your produce. You will have complete control over your garden and feel a sense of pride once everything starts to grow. During the gardening season you will have plenty of healthy produce. So if you end up with too much, you can share.

Organic Vegetable Seeds

When thinking about organic vegetable gardening, you will need

Organic Vegetable Seeds to have a true organic garden. You will be able to really tell the difference when the vegetables are grown since they have a higher quality and flavor.

If you are wondering what the difference is between regular seeds and organic sees, it is that with organic vegetable seeds have to comply with USDA guidelines which means there are no pesticides or chemicals used in any way with their production.

By using organic vegetable seeds the result will be a safe healthy produce. Another benefit is that organic vegetable seeds have a tendency to germinate quick allowing their root to grow deeper. This way if you do not have the best soil conditions, your plants will still grow well.

If you are thinking of starting your organic vegetable seeds indoors to give your produce a jump start there is no problem with that. This way you will know the conditions because if you plant outdoors too soon, there may be an issue with frost. That is the last thing you want for your seeds. So many schools showed us how to start planting inside by requesting the students bring in milk cartons. By saving a few of these or tin cans with drainage holes placed in the bottom is an inexpensive way to start the seeds. If you prefer the starter pots that can be purchased in a kit, can be placed directly into the ground that is fine as well. Once planted, they will require plenty of sunlight.

Starting your organic vegetable seeds in rich soil will give them a great start and get you motivated for soon to be organic vegetable garden. The soil should be moist, not saturated and certainly not completely dry. Since it may be a little cooler by the window, placing plastic wrap on top will keep them warmer until germination. At that time you can remove the wrap so the produce will grow. The best way to start an organic vegetable garden is with organic vegetable seeds. This way you will have safe healthy produce.

Organic Herb Gardening

Organic Herb Gardening believe it or not can be done anywhere either inside or outside as long as there is light. Now here you have one of two choices, to buy plants that have already started to grow or starting your herb garden from seeds. Either is fine, the only difference is that you will have a jump start on buying the plants. If you do decide to buy herbs already started, just be sure to check to make sure they are not wilted. Another thing to check is to make sure there are no holes in the leaves, this could be a sign of small bugs in or around the plants.

Now if you are starting off with seeds organic herb gardening will take a while so you will need to be patient. If you are new to gardening and you buy a pack of seeds, just don’t dump the whole pack of seeds in one hole because they will not grow properly. Depending on which seeds you choose, there will be specific instructions on the back and they will help you with your planting.

Some hardy herbs to grow would be the different types of basil. This is an extremely hardy herb and if you are not careful with what you plant and where, basil can take over your organic herb garden. This is something to be especially mindful of if you are growing the herbs inside. You will see that basil is very competitive for the light.

Depending on your taste and the recipes you like will determine what herbs to start to grow. Some of the the best to have on hand are:

  • Basil – Excellent for sauces, soups, salads, pesto, meat and poultry.
  • Dill – Has a combination of a bitter/sharp taste and is used in soups, potatoes,omelets, salads, meat, poultry and fish
  • Mint – Great in tea, jelly, jam, mint sauce, and lamb
  • Parsley – This can be used in soups, stews, casseroles, and as a garnish on just about anything
  • Sage – Excellent for stuffing and pork, lamb, omelets, cheese dishes and sausage dishes as well
  • Thyme – This serves well as a rub on any type of roast or sprinkled on vegetables, fish, poultry and eggs.

There are many different many uses that will save you money if you do decide to do your own organic herb gardening. One word of advice would be to keep the mint and basil away from each other since both have a tendency to hog the light, overshadowing the some of the not as hardy herbs.